Spiritual Support for the People of Ukraine

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Total Mantras reported as of  June 28, 2023   1,697,568

As the people of Ukraine try to survive, persevering while under siege from hostile neighbors, the Vajra Flame community is dedicated to providing spiritual support at this tragic time. To that end, Master DK has asked His spiritual community to begin a mantra campaign, and we invite all who feel called to join our virtual community in this important mission. Please add your voice and your intention as we chant together for bringing about peace, and halting the blitzkrieg now being waged against the Ukrainian people.

While Ukraine is the immediate focus of our liberating intentions, please expand the field of your loving concern to include the other nearby countries that may be targeted for similar attacks. Master suggests we beseech the intercession of Lord Hanuman, whose visitations to humanity are recognized in the form of a monkey god.  He selected the mantra Om Shree Hanumate Namaha , which is very powerful for warding off evil influences while empowering the individual who is negatively impacted. To hear it chanted in a style simple enough for all to use, click here. All participants are encouraged to use a japamala (sometimes called prayer beads) to count their recitations. Each Sunday, mala counts for the preceding week can be recorded on by clicking here

Some practitioners may prefer to chant along with the recording while playing it. There are 109 recitations of the mantra on the recording, which amounts to a single round on a 108-bead mala. The 109th recitation is said as an offering to the guru, so each 11-minute playing/listening to the recording is equal to one set of recitations counted on a mala.

There is benefit in allowing the chant to play continuously in the background of one’s work or living space. This keeps the energy of the mantra reverberating and working in one’s life. However, playing the recording in this way should not be submitted as part of one’s mantra count. Count only those recitations when personally engaged with the mantra, concentrating on it and sincerely projecting its energy to the people of Ukraine. The map below is provided as an aid for accurate visualization while chanting.

Click here to report the mantras you have recited. Thank you!

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