Master’s Teaching on the Pandemic of Fear

6 Apr 2020 7:35 PM | Guest (Administrator)

Audio Recording of the Pandemic of Fear Teaching is Now Available

The Saturday April 4, 2020 event was a huge success, with participants hanging on Master’s every word.  For those of you who were denied access, it was because we reached the maximum 100 participants before the starting time, and thus, the forum was closed to additional people.  However, we want to make this amazing presentation available to everyone, so please feel free to share the link with others who may find Master’s talk beneficial.  The questions submitted were all substantive and highly pertinent.  This talk was most informative regarding the pandemic and the evolution of human consciousness, as well as offering salient spiritual insight at multiple levels.

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Click here to access this teaching and live Q&A session with Master.
To download the file, Right Click on the recording image and choose Save Audio As; or if you see a row of 3 dots on the right Click there for the download link.

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