Scholarship Program

VFF offers work / study scholarships to its members seeking financial assistance in meeting registration requirements for VFF events such as Peace Convocations and Retreats.

Our policy includes the following provisions:

  • Scholarships will be awarded to VFF members only.
  • Scholarships will not be awarded in succeeding years.
  • Scholarships will be made for amounts up to 25% of the tuition for any event.
  • A written agreement is signed by the recipient to work at a rate of 8 hours per $100 ($12 per hour) worth of scholarship money. This work can be completed prior, during, or after the event, as long as it takes place within six months of the event and must be repaid if work is not completed in that time frame.

Our Scholarship Program offers a wonderful opportunity for sharing of resources by creating a vehicle for those who wish to donate funds to this program.

To apply for a scholarship send your request to Deena, VFF administrative assistant.

Our scholarship committee will review all applicant requests and then contact applicants in a timely manner with its determination.

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