Scholarship Matching Fund Drive


Our Matching Fund drive which ran from the first of this year through end of July has been a success. We thank every single one of you who gave in dollars – we met our goal of $5,000 in donations. With these funds matched, we now have $10,000 to dedicate towards providing financial assistance to members attending our events with Master and Kathlyn.

We thank every single one of you who gave in dollars, our anonymous donor who provided the inspiration for this drive as well as the matching funds, and all who gave with heart-felt support and intention that this drive be the success that it has been.

We understand that not all who wanted to were able to donate during our Matching Fund Drive. For those who would still like to contribute to our Scholarship Fund, donations may be made ( and gratefully received ) by clicking here or on the button below. We welcome donations and pledges in any amount $10; $20; $50; $100 etc.

May all who are touched by the hand of generosity, whether in the giving or the receiving, be blessed and blessed and blessed again.

GOAL $10,000

Donations and Pledges $5,000 ~ Matched Funds Total $10,000

Click here to find out more about the Vajra Flame Foundation Scholarship Program

You may Donate to the scholarship fund through the VFF online store

or mail your contribution to:

Vajra Flame Foundation

PO Box 244411

Anchorage, AK 99524-4411

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