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The Vajra Flame Foundation is dedicated to preserving and spreading the teachings of Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, in partnership with Kathlyn Kingdon. Thanks to Kathlyn and VFF, we have direct access to our beloved teacher, Master DK, who shares key insights that provide the foundation for achieving spiritual mastery.

At VFF you can join with like-minded fellow travelers to discover answers to compelling spiritual and life-impacting issues facing humanity today.

Our shared goals:

    • Establishing enlightened human relationships,
    • Reclaiming planetary balance, and
    • Building a stable, interdependent global society.
Our supporters come from around the world, and we are an international, non-denominational organization committed to helping people reach their full potential in this lifetime.

We are fortunate to be able to experience Master DK through live events held in the U.S. and abroad, live teleconferences, online courses through the Rocky Mountain Esoteric School, and a free subscription to Master's Daily Thoughts.

You are invited to join others who are dedicated to finding inner peace while living in a chaotic world. The world we share deserves our best efforts. Find out what you can do to help.

  • Many of us on the spiritual path hope to one day come into contact with a master teacher. D.K. is such a teacher. I find him delightful, humorous and thought provoking in his views on world affairs. And, I experience a deep sense of harmony and peace while sitting in his presence.
    Gail, Astrologer, Colorado
  • Never have I found workshops that reach the level of wisdom, compassion and healing l have found with Kathlyn and Djwhal Khul. I would highly recommend to anyone who is willing and ready to take on the work of transformation to experience both channel and Teacher
    Marie, EMT, California
  • My work with D.K. though Kathlyn has expanded my mind, touched my heart and helped me to create a new life. It has been an incredible privilege to experience the love and compassion of such a great teacher. I wish all beings everywhere could know this teacher.
    Dianna, Therapist, Colorado
  • My spiritual quest has taken me on many exciting roads of discovery, but none has been so rich or rewarding as my journey of love and healing with my dear Master Djwhal Khul, as channeled thorough Kathlyn.
    Linda, BP Exec., Alaska
  • DK always has something to teach me. I laugh, I cry, I have realizations about myself, and I marvel at his ability to transmit loving compassion and a wake-up call to awareness.
    Laura, Librarian, California

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This Web site is dedicated to the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul (variously spelled "Djwhal Kuhl," "Djwal Kul," or simply "DK"), also known as The Tibetan, and to His students simply as the Master DK.

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