Master Djwhal Khul

Master Djwhal Khul

A Master Teacher in every respect, Master Djwhal Khul is dedicated to the higher evolution of human consciousness, and facilitating a secure passage for all Earth’s sentient beings. He imparts collective wisdom harvested from major spiritual traditions, making it available in valuable contemporary terms. He is a captivating storyteller, capable of spinning memorable parables that illuminate important spiritual truths. Engaging the hearts of his students, Master has the uncanny ability to speak to the deepest questions of each person.

Those who have experienced direct contact with Master through personal transmissions of his love, wisdom and grace, have been enriched and expanded, and have come away filled with profound gratitude for his unwavering dedication to humanity. His depth challenges the mind and touches the soul. "We laugh, we cry, we transform our lives," said one grateful student. "His love is felt, and we are reminded that he is indeed one of Those also known as the great Masters of Compassion."

To have access to such a Great Being is truly a profound privilege.

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I know I have taken many spiritual strides in the three plus years I have been involved with Master and Kathlyn’s work. Each year I seem to have an expanded awareness of things and much of that expansion I can attribute to my experiences with Kathlyn and Master DK.

Larry, Alberta, Canada

A personal reading with Master DK is like visiting a wise, compassionate friend. He will guide you through problems you are having and encourage you to stay the course on your spiritual path, all without censor or judgment. It is truly a gift you can give yourself.

Sylvia, Washington

My personal yearning for a deep and abiding peace which is so restorative to my beingness is fed by Master’s monthly teachings. My attempts to apprehend their truth frequently fall short of embodiment, but when I manage to radiate a bit of that peace and truth into a world that so needs it, joy is reflected back.

Kristi, VFF Executive Committee Member

The Vajra Flame Foundation is dedicated to spreading peace in chaotic times. I choose to support this organization because I can’t think of anything more needed in these trying times.

Linda, BP Exec., Alaska

Many of us on the spiritual path hope to one day come into contact with a master teacher. D.K. is such a teacher. I find him delightful, humorous and thought provoking in his views on world affairs. And, I experience a deep sense of harmony and peace while sitting in his presence.

Gail, Astrologer, Colorado

My work with D.K. though Kathlyn has expanded my mind, touched my heart and helped me to create a new life. It has been an incredible privilege to experience the love and compassion of such a great teacher. I wish all beings everywhere could know this teacher.

Dianna, Therapist, Colorado

This Web site is dedicated to the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul (variously spelled "Djwhal Kuhl," "Djwal Kul," or simply "DK"), also known as The Tibetan, and to His students simply as the Master DK.

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