Remembering Those Who Have Passed  ~ Memorial Page

Willow Joy Lee

1940 - 2004




Willow knew how to show up in the moment and be fully present with everyone. Indeed, one of Willow’s graces was that everyone felt special in her presence.

Willow graduated from Columbia University in New York with a B.S. in nursing. She worked in nursing from 1963-1994 and was an early pioneer in hospice care for Aids patients.

Willow’s contribution to Vajra Flame was quite comprehensive; from coordinating the first Peace Convocation in Santa Cruz, organizing and cataloging 20 years of channeled recordings, duplicating and mailing the Teaching of the Month, to volunteering for the most mundane tasks.

Willow was a remarkably warm and generous person who was formative in creating the Vajra Flame Community.


LeJeune Bradford

1922 - 2007


LeJeune Bradford, born and raised in Chicago, went on to work as a nutritionist for the US Health Service after graduating from the University of Chicago.

When she was at the University of Chicago as a young black woman in the 1940s, LeJeune spent time with the Communists, because they were the ones talking black and gender equality. She later decided that any idea that ends in “ism” is clearly not worth a damn.

LeJeune had a passion for helping others. She would obtain unsold cut flowers, making up arrangements and delivering them to hospitals and nursing homes. She was a member of the League of Women Voters, using that platform to advocate for low-income women and other underprivileged people.

A chain-smoking technophobe who refused to buy a computer or trade in her 1972 Buick, LeJeune’s favorite saying was, “we are living in the age of primitive man.” She traveled, cooked exotic meals for her friends, and kept the most fabulous backyard garden. Her house was a treasure trove of photographs, antiques, and enough books to fill a library.

LeJeune was a core member of the Tibetan Foundation in Denver for many years.

Martherese Breuer

  1952 - 2008


A vibrant, radiant, multi-talented Martherese successfully worked as a registered nurse, fashion designer, massage therapist, and meditation teacher. She held multiple degrees, including a degree in Shiatsu.  Her volunteer work included facilitating non-violence workshops for males in prison.

Martherese was born in Holland and traveled extensively to many parts of the world, including India where she studied in ashrams.

Martherese joined Master’s work in April 2000. She served on the Vajra Flame Foundation Board of Directors as the Volunteer Coordinator from 2006 until her death in 2008. Martherese gave a generous donation to VFF in her will and was a remarkable, charismatic individual of inexhaustible creativity, warmth, and generosity.


DJ Bishop

1927 - 2010


DJ spent 29 years working in government service including positions with the Air Force, Army, Navy, Federal Highways and the Bureau of Land Management. 18 of her 29 years were spent with the National Parks Service where she functioned as the first Equal Opportunity Manager for the combined Rocky Mountain Region and the Denver Service Center. Her second career of roughly 13 years as a tour guide gave her the opportunity to see much of the world.

A student of Masters since around 1980, DJ also supported the Tibetan Foundation of Phoenix, Arizona, in its early days when she served on the Board of Directors and was instrumental in establishing the Denver chapter of the organization in 1983. Her loyalty to Master was remarkable, and while she devoured many, many metaphysical and spiritual books, she remained constant to Master as her personal Spiritual Teacher.

DJ was a generous financial supporter to VFF; her donations to the scholarship fund gave numerous students the opportunity to attend events. She donated her extensive metaphysical library to VFF and left a significant contribution to the organization in her will.

DJ was known for her great wit and ready humor, as well as her insatiable curiosity and quest for knowledge.


Chuck Regan

1932 - 2011


Chuck was a Navy Veteran who served during the Korean Conflict on the USS Power. He was an avid golfer, tennis player, as well as cribbage and 45’s player.

Chuck was a core member of the group of Master’s students that studied with Kathlyn in Boston for several years.

When recalling Chuck, people paid tribute with statements such as “one of the kindest human beings I ever met.” “His spiritual commitment was the prime motivating quest of his life,” and “Chuck Regan is truly an example of a life well-lived.” His generosity extended to offering financial assistance so others could travel to India with Kathlyn and Master for their tour there in 1988. Assistance was freely given with no expectation of repayment.


Michael Ann Pellaton

1943 - 2012




Michael Ann loved sewing, quilting, cooking and reading. Above all, she liked spending time with her grandchildren and visiting Mt. Shasta. She volunteered her time to many organizations, such as Hospice, St. Rose Hospital as a family grief counselor, the Senior Center and others.

A spry and spunky lady, Michael Ann was devoted to Master Djwal Khul and loved Kathlyn. Michael Ann published the newsletter, Connections, in the 1990’s as a means for Master’s students through Kathlyn to stay connected. The newsletters featured a Teaching from Master as well as articles written by fellow students. Michael Ann coordinated several spiritual workshops in Porterville and Mt. Shasta areas.



Jean Heath

1923 - 2013


Jean embraced life with vitality and enthusiasm. She was a woman of many aspects; poet, story writer, secretary, spiritual teacher, wife, mother, fisherwoman, gardener, nature lover, jitterbugger, fiercely competitive bridge player, photographer, philosopher, world traveler, and meditation master.

Jean’s spiritual path with Master and Kathlyn began in the 1980’s with the start of The Tibetan Foundation in Denver, Colorado. Jean was a skillful editor and spent a large amount of her time transcribing and compiling Master’s teachings for many years. Jean wrote “All of the Master Djwahl Khul’s teachings have guided my life since those early 80’s; they are my life. I live them daily.”

When Jean passed away in 2013 at the age of 90, she held the distinction of being the eldest member of Vajra Flame Foundation.


Diane Rasmussen

1945 - 2014


Diane felt fortunate to have a happy childhood with loving parents and a wonderful sister. She enjoyed her early exposure to classical music and playing the piano throughout her life. Diane loved to travel and did several tours through the U.S. Navy Reserve in Japan and Indonesia. Diane’s career as an Executive Assistant exposed her to many areas of business and through her work, she met her future husband.

Diane had a deep love and respect for the animal kingdom and championed many animal-rights causes. She cared for numerous dogs and several cats (her favorite) throughout her life.

Diane was very involved in the Vajra Flame Foundation, and held the position of Secretary/Treasurer on the first Board of Directors. She also contributed endless hours of proofreading and error correction for the book The Matter of Mind.

Diane was a very happy person and looked forward to passing from this life and getting on to the next.


Linda Moffitt

1953 - 2014


With a keen mind and unwavering commitment to excellence, Linda demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in all her life pursuits.  She worked diligently in her 32 year career of dedicated service to youth through the Alaska Department of Juvenile Justice.

Graced with a congenial, adventurous spirit, Linda was an avid outdoor and sports enthusiast, seasoned traveler, a passionate Earth steward, and an ardent proponent of the Noosphere.

Linda began this lifetime’s journey with Master in 1989.  She applied her diverse skills, interests, and resources to facilitate Master’s work, most notably on the Education Committee and as a frequent pod leader.  Linda also participated in the 1995 Women’s Mystery Tour to England as well as countless VFF Convocations and Retreats. Linda’s impact on VFF continues as she left a significant contribution in her will.


Lora  McCoy

1932 - 2017


Bright and savvy, Lora worked for 40 years as an aerospace mathematician at General Electric in Philadelphia, PA. 

Lora's charity work reflected her passions – love for both animals and spiritual exploration.  Lora served as comptroller for Independence Dogs, Inc., an organization that trained service dogs for the disabled.  She also generously dedicated over 1900 hours copying audio tapes to CD’s, in addition to gifting Vajra Flame Foundation with a large financial contribution. 

Lora cherished her dogs, her African gray parrot and, until 1979, her weekend motorcycle rides. 



Margaret Grundy

1935 - 2017


Marg was an active participant in spiritual pursuits in the Philadelphia area and a generous financial contributor to Master's work.

After graduating from the University of Delaware, she enjoyed a career as a medical technician in the Delaware hospital system.  Her passion for animals catalyzed her efforts to help provide service dogs for the disabled.

Marg cherished family.  She was an enthusiastic bird watcher and enjoyed time at the beach.


Veronica Ramos

1948 - 2017


Veronica was a loyal student of Master. Her relationship with Master goes back to 1986 and the Tibetan Foundation in Denver, Colorado.

She served the Tibetan Foundation and Vajra Flame Foundation in many capacities on a volunteer basis, most of which was done quietly and behind the scenes.

Veronica worked as a paralegal in the Denver area. She was an avid horsewoman owned a stable of dearly loved horses.


Sally Tegart

1941 - 2018


Sally was a beautiful light who took her spiritual path very seriously. For many years, Sally was part of the Denver study group for Master DK’s Teachings. Sally was active throughout her life as both an outdoor enthusiast and world traveler. She enjoyed many activities including cycling, windsurfing, skiing, and hiking.

Teaching school was Sally’s career choice. After receiving a Master’s degree from the University of Colorado she became a counselor at Arapahoe Community College. Later in life she was a fitness instructor at South Suburban Parks and Recreation.


Kent Grimsley

1931 - 2018


After serving two years in the US Air Force, Kent went on to work as a civilian in the military as a computer programmer.

Kent was keenly interested in the esoteric and organized an Edgar Cayce study group in Colorado where he lived. He was also a Free Mason. Kent met Kathlyn and Master through the Tibetan Foundation in Denver. Kent attended many VFF events over the years, including the very first Peace Convocation in Santa Cruz, California.


Larry Doyle

1947 - 2020


Michael Lawrence "Larry" Doyle was a student of metaphysics, dedicated to discovering the things that make us 'work', a quest that he was actively pursuing as far back as the early 1980's.

Larry participated in the Calgary group led by Jeff Dunphy and attended VFF classes and functions, including the European Event in 2017. Larry truly enjoyed this trip and never missed an opportunity to inject a little levity into social situations.

In his life work Larry was an accountant. He was an eloquent speaker, dog lover, and was blessed with a great sense of humor.


Kathryn Barstow

1946 - 2021


Kathryn, proud of her Scottish heritage, was an adventurous individual who loved to travel.  As the daughter of an army colonel, she had the opportunity to live in both Germany and South Korea in her youth. Through diligence, she used that opportunity to become fluent in German.

Kathryn was a student of Master’s as part of the central California group. In 1995, she traveled to England for the Women’s Mystery Tour, “The Goddess and the Monk.”  In addition to teaching yoga, Kathryn enjoyed painting, horsemanship, and a ham radio operation. She had a passion for animals and demonstrated a dedication to helping others.


Dolores Hatzis

1931 - 2021


Dolores was a generous and devoted student of Master’s, attending many Peace Convocations and other workshops over a 20 year period. She sponsored Master for two events in Northern California and introduced Master’s work to other similar organizations in California.

Dolores was a passionate student, and a true mystic and visionary. She often listened to the same Teaching daily, as each experience seemed to take her deeper into the layers of meaning contained within.  Dolores will be remembered as a humble and straightforward person with a great sense of humor and penetrating insight.


Dove Wright

1954 - 2021


A unique, selfless, generous soul, Mountain Woman and Mother to her own two children and those in the community of Sheep Mountain.  Dove and her husband Tom, literally built their home in the mountains of Alaska. The windows of her home opened onto the Divine’s exquisite masterpiece of nature. Dove found peace, love and contentment in this bit-of-heaven and generously shared it with others. 

Dove attended her first workshop with Master in 1989 and went on to host workshops in her isolated mountain home every 3 months for two and a half years.  When VFF incorporated in 2004, Dove led the Communications Committee promoting Peace Convocations, workshops and retreats.

When the book, The Matter of Mind, was published, Dove purchased a whole box of books to share with others and spent 50 hours calling book stores all over the U.S. requesting they carry the book in their stores. Dove remained a devoted student of Master throughout her life, attending VFF events until her health no longer allowed travel.



Nancy Chinlund

1946 - 2022


Nancy was a beautiful soul, radiating softness, gentleness and peacefulness. She embodied loving kindness.

An outstanding mother, she shared a strong bond with both her own mother and her daughter.

Nancy worked for many years for the State of California at Caltrans Division of Research and Innovation. She was also Owner and Principal at Strategic Design Associates.

Nancy was a very optimistic and cheerful person who did her best to rise to the challenge of any situation.

She served as pod leader for the Shaman pod for both the Matter of Mind and Energy Body III Courses. Her presence and skilled leadership are sorely missed by her pod members.


Sylvia Hurley

1936 - 2022


After graduating high school in the Seattle area, Sylvia attended Camosun College in Victoria, British Columbia. She worked for many years at the iconic department store in Seattle, Frederick & Nelson. When the store closed, Sylvia continued her work life in the graduation department at the University of Washington.

Sylvia was an avid reader and stayed engaged with life. An explorer at heart, Sylvia was still traveling as recently as 2017 when she and her stepdaughter visited France.

A member of Vajra Flame Foundation since 2006, Sylvia cherished her relationship with Master. She attended a number of Peace Convocations and Retreats and was a regular participant in online courses offered by VFF.

Sylvia was an elegant woman; she possessed a quiet humility and gentleness of spirit along with a wonderful sense of humor





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