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  • 21 Nov 2022 7:39 PM | Anonymous

    Hello Everyone,

    I want to begin by expressing my profound gratitude for the donations VFF has received in support of the Perpetuity Project. As you all surely know, VFF could simply not operate without the generous support of our spiritual community. While we exist for you, we also depend upon you. Thus, we share a remarkable, symbiotic relationship that I trust is beneficial for all participants.

    Because this is a time of giving, Master tapped my shoulder the other morning in my meditation and said He wanted to give a gift to all of you. He came up with an idea that is a bit like the Advent Calendars many us received as children in the month of December. Each day has a special treat concealed behind a little cardboard door, and every passing day the child opens the door for that day. Often, behind the little doors are pieces of candy, which the child partakes of as she or he awaits Christmas. A few days ago, I received a message from a dear friend of many years announcing that her chocolate advent calendar showed it was only three days until Christmas! I guess that lets us know what she has been up to.

    Click here to play an audio file of Master’s message about His December gift. I hope you enjoy both His message and His gift to all of us.

    Sending blessings for very special holidays this year,


  • 21 Jan 2022 11:45 AM | Guest Blogger

    Solar return astrology chart

    Birth Date January 20, 2004 ~Denver, CO

    Office location 2022 ~ Glenwood Springs, CO

    Please join us in celebrating VFF's 18th birthday. It's been said that a solar return chart is an excellent tool to help you assess and predict the themes that will arise for you during your next "solar year," the next 12 months. The chart is calculated for the exact moment when the Sun returns to its natal position (within 2 days of the actual birthday).

    We are looking forward to celebrating all the birthdays the Age of Aquarius has to offer.

  • 29 May 2021 6:20 PM | Kathlyn Kingdon (Administrator)

    Thank you to everyone for reciting and reporting mantras over the past eight months.  204,860 Mantras were reported during the past eight months. Please continue reciting mantras.  We are no longer accepting mantra reports.

    We at Vajra Flame are relieved to hear from our spiritual family members in India, and we surely all celebrate the improvement in pandemic conditions there. Although the Covid-19 variant that has been raging so strongly there has not as yet been eradicated, there is at least some good news in the fact that the number of cases reported daily seems to be abating. All tolled, India has reported over 300,000 deaths from the virus, although many statisticians suspect these deaths are significantly under-reported. Even so, the reported number of deaths is the third highest in the world, falling behind the U.S. (598,000) and Brazil (450,000).

    Here is the recent report from our brothers and sisters in India. Let us all surround them with the power of Master’s grace, and send waves and waves of healing energy.

    In India, the pandemic conditions have improved and there is now an overall slight ease. The number of new cases has come down to around two hundred thousand per day. The panic to obtain oxygen cylinders and supplies has been considerably reduced since the government “moved mountains” to meet the oxygen demand in the country. We are now managing much better, thanks to the international support that has been pouring in from different countries.

    In Delhi, hospital occupancy is down by roughly 25 percent, so we are experiencing some respite there.

    Many states are imposing lockdowns, some fully and some partially. However, economic challenges are ahead. Unfortunately, politics have played too big a role in managing the pandemic and has resulted in faultfinding and blame projections. These lesser deeds tend to deviate the focus from the main purpose.

    With a population of 1.38 billion, India is able to do better with the help of many countries from around the world.

    It will take several more months to bring these problems under control

    Prayers, Prayers, and Prayers alone are the answer!

    Thank you!

    Please continue to recite Mantras to invoke the intervention of Lord Ganapati (Ganesh) to help mitigate pandemic crises all around the world.

    There are numerous international aid organizations that can still use financial donations, and visualizing a healed world is a gift we can all provide.

  • 14 May 2021 1:42 PM | Guest Blogger

    49,464  ~ Total Mantras recited as of 29 May

    Dear Friends,

    Next week, I get my second COVID shot. I’m one of the lucky ones because I live in the west. I even had the choice to get a vaccine or not. Amazingly, with all of the people dying around the world from COVID, there are some who debate the existence of the pandemic declaring it a hoax or even questioning the need for masks, vaccine or social distancing, altogether.

    In India, they do not have the choice to get a vaccine or not, because there is very little available. If you get COVID-19, it’s very unlikely you’ll get any medical help with resources, doctors, nurses and hospitals stretched well beyond the limit. So, thousands are infected and die daily. With so many deaths, they’re running out of trees for the funeral fires and bodies are even seen floating down the rivers.

    We’ve all heard about the unfolding disaster overtaking India and now her neighbors are being pulled into this vortex. So how can we help in the face of this overwhelming disaster? A few weeks ago, Kathlyn requested in VFF’s blog that we reinstate our efforts to invoke the intervention of Lord Ganapati (Ganesh) to help mitigate this crisis through his grace and healing and help remove the barriers that are preventing this pandemic from abating.

    As a spiritual aspirant, I feel that it is my responsibility to devote myself to the alleviation of suffering of all others, where I can. As an aspirant, you too have the power and opportunity to help change this dire situation not only in India but in other parts of the world, also affected. By reciting mantras to Lord Ganapati, we can help change the vibration of this virulent energy from one of scourge to one of healing. Each week, please report your mala count to VFF and together we can help move our planet beyond this period of chaos and into a time of health, peace, and prosperity for all beings on this beautiful Earth.

    In devotion and gratitude, may you be well,

    Catherine Williams

    To listen to Kathlyn recite the mantra click here.

  • 5 May 2021 4:28 PM | Guest Blogger

    To record the number of mantras you recited this week click here


    Dear friends, 

    I can still remember the moment I first touched Indian soil! Descending down the stairs of my Air India flight, and having flown from Denver, New York, London, Bombay and finally Delhi, I could instantly feel the dramatically different morphogenetic field surrounding me. My instinct was to kneel and kiss the ground, but I felt too self-conscious to do so; nevertheless, I had a joyous and profound knowing that I was returning to my spiritual home.

    It was 1988 and I was the last person to join Master’s 14-day pilgrimage to India. I hadn’t intended to go, as my dear Mother had recently died and I was experiencing profound grief over losing her. I had always been enamored with India, and as a child had a huge scrapbook full of pictures of the Taj Mahal. Suddenly I had this “knowing” that this exotic culture halfway around the world, immersed in the energy of a Master Teacher, might be exactly what I needed to renew myself.

     Kathlyn told me that she had been receiving visions of a man with an “afro” haircut who kept beckoning to her to come to him. She had no idea who he was until she was visiting a bookstore in Denver and saw his photo on the cover of a book. It was Sai Baba, and she knew right then that she needed to journey to India, and so she opened the possibility of a group pilgrimage to Master’s students. One of the founding members of the Tibet Foundation in Denver was a travel agent who handled the travel arrangements, and we were soon off to India.

    Twenty-five of us from all over the US became immersed in this life-altering journey. Can you imagine visiting sacred sites imbued with thousands of years of devotional energy, and then having access to Master in private on site ceremonies and then evening lectures to take us deeper into these mysteries? Many of us were given pristine insights into our own personal history with the area.

    Our trip culminated with four amazing days at Sai Baba’s Ashram in Puttaparthi, near the city of Bangalore. For someone from a very sparsely settled state in the American West, it was readily apparent to me that “social distancing” is not in the Indian psyche. Frankly, I had never seen so many people packed together for darshan with Sai Baba or for a few minutes to pray in his temple. For Americans, who are not used to touching strangers, we soon adapted to the idea that we would be touching the persons on either side of us constantly.

    The devotional energy was so palpable that everyone in our group had special white garments made on the first day at the ashram. On our final day, by the intervention of some sort of miracle, a stranger appeared in the front of our line and drew the number 1, which meant that we were the first group escorted into darshan and sat in the front row only a few feet from Sai Baba. Everyone in our group recounted a different experience with him, but each person was profoundly influenced, and received some sort of special message or healing from Sai Baba. We were all floating from this experience for days!

    This is but a glimpse of a life altering trip for me that, for years, I referred to as BI and AI as my short hand for Before India or After India. The Indian people were so warm and welcoming to us, and so innocent by American standards. It was like the whole panoply of humanity was everywhere on display before us. I mostly remember the penetrating looks of the Indian people, especially the poor, who made such intense eye contact that you felt you could see into their souls.

    About 15 years later, I accompanied Kathlyn to India again for a sophisticated type of hip surgery that was not yet available in the US. This time I stayed for a month, as Kathlyn was not released from her care there until they deemed it safe for her to fly transatlantic. I mostly hung out interacting with an amazing cross-section of people.

    Kathlyn’s surgeon at Apollo Hospital in Chennai was world-renowned, and I soon observed that people from everywhere were coming for this procedure, including the woman in the next room who was from Aspen, and who became a dear friend. Most of the surgeons said a prayer for Kathlyn prior to any medical procedure, which I had never witnessed in any American hospital. Each floor was built around a central foyer that had a very large religious statue. Naturally, Kathlyn found herself recovering on the floor with a very large golden Buddha. Visitors at the hospital would stay overnight with their loved-ones, often staying up for hours to pray in front of the Buddha.

    In an office just down the hall from Kathlyn’s room was an energy worker, named Nagalakshmi, who would come every day to work on Kathlyn’s auric field. We soon found out that she was a member of the Theosophical Society whose international headquarters were in Chennai. When Kathlyn was sufficiently recovered, she took us to see the very large and lavish gardens and monuments to many different world religions. It was truly one of the highlights of my trip, and I always felt Nagalaksmi was sent to us as a special protector.

    After discharge from the hospital, we spent about three weeks in a very nice hotel where mostly wealthy Indians and international travelers stayed. We got to know the hotel manager who would have tea with us every day and ask us many questions about the US. Also, we became fond of the hotel staff, many of whom shared their dreams while making the beds. They liked doing Kathlyn’s room because she would let them turn on the soap operas in all these strange languages while they made up the room. There was no need for translation, though, since the plots are all the same in any language: unrequited love, affairs, and pathos.

    With all the recent reporting about the extreme Covid outbreaks in India, I have found myself reflecting on these memories, and really wanting to be of some help. Undoubtedly, you are all aware of the severity of the pandemic in India right now, which is completely overwhelming their health care system and causing untold chaos and suffering among countless millions of people. Everyday we read about a spike in cases that is now only surpassed by the totals in the US. Today’s statistics reveal over 21,000,000 diagnosed cases with over 225,000 deaths. The last seven days have been averaging around 400,000 new cases a day. Virtually every source indicates that these numbers are probably significantly undercounted because of the large numbers of people who are dying everywhere, unable to get any sort of medical attention.

    I have read that there are over 4,000,000 people of Indian descent living in the U.S. and many of them are working tirelessly to try to get medical help for loved ones in India. They are using the Internet and social media in very effective ways to try to get supplies, medicine, and other necessities for loved ones back home.

    On April 25, Kathlyn wrote a very poignant blog article asking our VFF Family to invoke Lord Ganapati for grace and healing for all those impacted by recent Covid outbreaks, and especially for our VFF Family members in India. Perhaps some of you did not realize that she was asking us to recite the “Om Gum Ganipatiye Namaha” mantra.

    To listen to Kathlyn recite the mantra click here

    Click here to record the number of mantras you recited this week

    As Americans, most of us feel like our country is finally getting back to some level of normalcy after an extremely long and challenging year. Businesses are opening and people are starting to travel and visit friends and family. As we study with a Master Teacher who reminds us daily that we are all One in Essence, let us take a few precious minutes everyday to invoke the intervention of Lord Ganapati (Ganesh), so that suffering from this persistent virus may abate all over the world.

    Franci Candlin

    VFF Board member

  • 25 Apr 2021 2:51 PM | Kathlyn Kingdon (Administrator)

    Click Here to record Malas recited 

    As our brothers and sisters in India now contend with the worst episode of the pandemic to date, please bring your most earnest spiritual intentions to bless and heal the entire nation. For days, now, new case diagnoses have been running in excess of 300,000 per day, with Yesterday’s count near 315,000 new cases. While the U.S. still holds the record for total number of cases per nation (to date: 32,244,617), India is now seeing half of all the new cases occurring in the world!

    As oxygen supplies continue to dwindle rapidly, hospitals are without sufficient beds and utterly overrun by people seeking treatment. The overall vaccination rate is still comparatively low in India, and sadly, crematoriums are overloaded and running round the clock to dispose of an unprecedented number of dead bodies daily. While I will not go into all the horrifying details, you can read about by clicking here:

    May we, together, generate a field of compassion vaster than the Covid variant’s expanding influence, and may it completely encompass India. Let us join our hearts and intentions, and thereby raise a powerful invocation to Lord Ganapati, as we visualize perfectly his immediate intervention and continued intercession in this crisis. From India, may waves of His grace spread out to encompass the entire world so that the effects of the pandemic may be contained and ultimately dissolved. So be it!

    Blessings of comfort and divine grace,


    To listen to Kathlyn recite the mantra click here

  • 13 Sep 2020 9:45 AM | Kathlyn Kingdon (Administrator)

    We humbly invoke the aid of Lord Ganapati

    Click here to record  mantras recited.

    There are currently some 100 major wildfires raging through a dozen Western states, and the human death toll nears 30 people, with almost as many missing.  The skies of California, Oregon, and Washington have turned eerily orange and brown as firefighters work to snuff out the flames.  Every day the devastation to land, wildlife and people increases, as prophesies originally thought would be fulfilled in the 2050s or 2060s are happening right now.  Yet, here in the western US, fire season is only just beginning.

    It now appears that parts of Earth are undergoing some kind of initiation by fire.  While the coming springtime may bring initiation by water to other areas, it does seem clear that a huge cleansing is in process on our precious planet.  As bodhisattvas in training, we are surely all touched deeply by the mammoth loss so many sentient beings are experiencing and the devastating grief that will surely follow.  In Oregon, fast-moving fires heading toward each other are threatening to merge into mega-fires, as the state prepares for what it is calling a “mass fatality event.”

    I urge us all to redouble our efforts in drawing the stream of Divine Essence we know as Lord Ganesh ever more powerfully into the spreading inferno.  As Master so emphatically notes, we will see a peaceful world when we can project a peaceful world.  I believe this is also true for changing the course of the expanding inferno with which Earth is now confronted.  We must use our cumulative power of creative projection, whereby we project images of the western states being lush and green, as they are during springtime.  It is not that we deny what is taking place so much as we replace it with mental images of another reality.  In this way, our meditations become tantra, and as we inwardly create a new reality for areas undergoing initiation by fire, we humbly invoke the aid of Lord Ganapati.
    May the field of Light we know as Him, bring cool temperatures and a rain of grace that quenches even mega-fires, and returns life to Earth’s precious soil once again.  As we visualize blackened ground giving way to the green of new life, may we experience a resurrection, both inwardly and outwardly.  May our good intentions and bold visualizations represent the two wings of a Phoenix arising from flames and ashes. 

    Humbled by the overwhelming power of the initiatory process, I wish you all peace.


    Total Mantras recited and reported as of January 1, 2021


    Click here to record  mantras recited.

  • 27 Aug 2020 11:44 AM | Kathlyn Kingdon (Administrator)

    Click here to report the Mantras you have recited

    I am immensely grateful for the divine intervention that graced Colorado in the course of the wildfires that raged out of control.  The past week has been nothing short of miraculous.  I am also immensely grateful to all who have rallied in this powerful mantra drive supplicating Lord Ganapati’s aid.  We are indeed fortunate to witness the power of His abundantly flowing grace!

    Within 24 hours of the request going out to Master’s spiritual community, the two smaller fires were completely extinguished.  Within 48 hours, the Pine Gulch fire, then the second largest wildfire in Colorado history, jumped from 7% contained to 19% contained.  Within 72 hours, it was nearing 40% containment, and this evening, while the fire continues to burn from the Western slope to the Continental Divide, it is now just under 50% contained.  Currently, it is only 2,000 acres away from being the largest fire in the state’s history, and has destroyed 136,000 acres of mountain wilderness.

    The Grizzly Creek fire, burning just east of Glenwood Springs reached 61% containment as of Wednesday morning.  That level of containment was not believed to be possible for several weeks, and the turn of events has surprised everyone.  Interstate Highway 70 has been opened, although caution is urged due to small fires popping up and the threat of massive rockslides.  So far, over 32,000 acres have been destroyed, which is about 50 square miles.  Although the fire appeared to surround the remote and beautiful Hanging Lake, when the smoke cleared, the forest service noted “the Hanging Lake miracle.”  To everyone’s surprise and delight, the trails and infrastructure appear to have been spared damage, although no one seems to be able to explain how this could be.  Below is a photo of this iconic high altitude lake.

    Because there are wildfires raging all across the southwest region of the U.S., let’s redouble our mantra efforts, giving particular attention to California, where hundreds of fires continue to burn.  Two intense rolling thunderstorms brought down thousands of lightning strikes, and ignited over 600 fires.  In your visualizations, please see Lord Ganapati spraying oceans of etheric water over the entire Southwest, particularly California.  Hold supreme compassion for the terrible suffering being experienced by people and wildlife, and visualize the etheric water being rained down turning into rainbow light when it hits the many inferno sites.

    By the power of our pure intentions and the grace of Lord Ganesh, may the wildfires raging on planet Earth be utterly quenched.  May the land be cooled, and all beings that suffer be comforted in their fright and despair.  So be it!

    Total Mantras recited and reported as of September 10, 2020

    Click here to report the Mantras you have recited

  • 17 Aug 2020 9:23 PM | Kathlyn Kingdon (Administrator)

    Dear Friends,

    Below is a link for a special message I recorded today.  It is time for us to once again supplicate Lord Ganapati’s intervention in the massive wildfires that are devouring much of western Colorado.  The smoke generated by multiple fires has us all experiencing burning eyes, lungs, and throats, and spiritual help is truly needed.  Some fire department officials are saying these fires will not be contained until snow comes later in the year.  Other sources say partial containment will come before that, but not until well into the month of October.  Conditions are utterly surreal, with dense smoke making the mountains invisible that surround our little towns. 

    Thanks in advance for your committed service to Earth and all beings who are suffering from such remarkable demonstrations of Nature’s power unleashed and uncontrolled.  May all who have lost homes and suffered the scorching of their land be comforted in their loss.  May all the creatures, both wild and tame, be granted peace, rest, and physical comfort from the terrifying wildfires they now flee.  May a gentle rain of blessing fall upon parched land, fields of ash, burned flesh, and all tormented beings in their flight for life.  So be it!

    Please join me in another mantra drive to touch the heart and tap the power of Lord Ganapati. 

    Thank you,

    To listen to Kathlyn's message click here

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