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  • 13 Mar 2020 2:59 PM | Kathlyn Kingdon (Administrator)

    Since so many of you have inquired of Master for information on the new coronavirus that is making its way around the world, so-called, “COVID-19,” I have excerpted a segment from the recent Q & A session Master held for VFF’s Perpetuity Partners wherein He talked about this virus. Of course, knowing Master, you will not be surprised that He was able to speak even to the spiritual evolution of viruses! Click here to hear the excerpt.

    This is a shortened version of His message, since we are limited to about 11 minutes for technical reasons. The main parts cut are Master’s chanting of the two mantras He recommended. One is for healing the planet, and the other is for personal healing, or staying healthy. After the video-conference, Swami Chidrupananda researched both mantras and found Youtube recordings of each. A cosmic embrace of gratitude to Swami for his kind thoughtfulness!

    The first, a mantra to the Celestial Healer, Dhanvantari, can be found when you Click Here. Use this mantra for bringing healing to the entire planet. Chant it reverently and with fervid concentration.

    Click Here for the second recording, which is a beautiful, and truly calming Sikh mantra for healing. Use it for maintaining health, vitality, and a pure energy field, as well as potentiating one’s connection with the Divine Essence that is, and has brought forth, the Cosmos. I think you will all find this mantra to be an uplifting musical prayer that fosters entrance into a state of receptive healing as one goes to sleep. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I am.

    At a practical level, beyond washing one’s hands numerous times per day and taking large doses of vitamin C, Master also recommends the use of a neti pot for cleansing one’s nasal passages. As you will learn from this teaching, it is most important to refrain the ego mind from projecting fearful thoughts and emotions, since both make one more susceptible to the virus.

    May we ever dwell in Master’s field of wisdom and grace,


  • 5 Mar 2020 2:01 PM | Guest (Administrator)

    This is Dale.  As a member of the Vajra Flame Board of Directors for many years, I am delighted to see the responses made to Kathlyn’s blog article concerning Master’s “Commit to Sit” challenge.  One of the problems with running a virtual organization is finding ways our spiritual community, which is incredibly spread out around the world, can stay in touch and share their spiritual growth experiences.  I believe this challenge is crucial to our movement as we enter the Aquarian Age, as well as for taking our commitment to Master’s work seriously.

    When Master asked us to “Commit to Sit” twice daily and listen to his guided “Meditation for a New Age,” I was truly excited.  I knew this was a no brainer for me.  You see, I have been listening to this meditation almost daily since we received it at our Annual Peace Convocation and 7-day Retreat back in 2013.  With all the chaos on the planet at this time, this meditation has truly been a lifesaver for me.  As the craziness in the world has continued to explode all around us since the date Master release this meditation, I have sometimes needed to listen to it four times a day to remain grounded and in a balanced state.

    Over the course of this journey, I have realized how important it is to “seed the field of collective consciousness with the grains of possibilities,” so we can “create well the age that is now before us.”  Surely, we dare not shy away from this precious assignment.  I continue to learn just how important this practice really is, and to see chaotic events confirming the viability of this wisdom over and over again.  It is all truly amazing to me!

    How fantastic it would be for us all to apply Master’s grace, and “join our hearts and minds in a shared focus of wonder and gratitude.”  I am envisioning that with Master’s help, we will make a successful transition into the Aquarian Age.

    If you have not already done so, please join our Vajra Flame Family in participating in Master’s Commit to Sit challenge.  I think you will be happy you did, and I, for one, plan to continue using this meditation for years to come!

    On another note, please respect the blog site for what it is, a format for sharing spiritual insights and personal growth experiences related to this beautiful meditation.  It is not a social media platform for meeting one another and sharing personal information.  That can be done using our Face Book page, Master Djwhal Khul - 21st Century.  Thank you so much for honoring this request so that we can keep the blog site free of diversionary content that could detract from the importance of our work with Master.

    With Many Blessings,
    VFF Board Member

  • 1 Mar 2020 4:56 PM | Kathlyn Kingdon (Administrator)

    Master never fails to amaze me (possibly you, too) with the timeliness of His assignments and, yes, “spiritual challenges.” In His recent new teaching, A Brave New Reality, Master addresses the astrological influences now affecting Earth. His comments, coupled with the utterly chaotic nature of unfolding events in the world, revealed the wisdom – utter genius, really – of His “Commit to Sit” challenge. He is showing us how to protect our precious minds in chaotic times when it can be tempting for them to be consumed with worldly events, political stresses, and fear for the future.

    What I find so moving and poignant about Master’s “Meditation for a New Age,” is that by doing it early each morning, my mindset is anchored precisely as it should be for beginning a new day. By doing it each night before going to bed, my mind is calmed and I am reminded of what is truly important. Besides that, I simply sleep better. As Master notes in the recent teaching, the gift He gives us each time we do the meditation is a taste of enlightened mind. Dare we pass up this remarkable opportunity to find enlightened mind in the midst of all the chaotic influences, and energetic storms that confront our precious minds on a moment-to-moment basis? I think not!

    I hope all of you are taking fresh inspiration from these little sacred moments we offer to Master, and by which He graces us with the “purified thoughts” that generate “kind words and caring actions.” This blog is being opened at His request as a means for us to share our experiences with this incredibly beautiful meditation. I hope you will respond below with your comments about, and insights into, the articles written by Master’s students that will be published in this blog. If you would like to submit a blog article, please send an article to admin@masterdk.com for sharing.

    Also, be sure to invite others to join in this spiritual challenge. If you have done this meditation, you can appreciate that it is set in a manner that does not appear to be channeled from an Ascended Master. At the time, I simply turned on the recorder, and Master spoke to us as if He was still in human form. I can imagine one of His teachers giving a similar meditation to Him in one of His physical incarnations. Perhaps it was given to Master as a young monk by a realized Being Who humbled Himself, taking on the innocence of an aspiring novice. Or, perhaps Master is simply putting in very down-to-Earth terminology the remarkable nature of enlightened mind. Either way, I am utterly grateful that He shared this with us, so that we may know how the mind of enlightenment moves as it compassionately embraces the human condition.

    If you have not as yet downloaded this meditation, you can do so free of charge from the MasterDK.com website as “Our Gift to You.” If you have not as yet taken up Master’s Commit to Sit challenge (doing “Meditation for a New Age” for 90 days) please join those of us who have been doing this meditation since the first of the year. You will surely realize a positive outlook and a sense of purpose to your spiritual practice.

    May you be filled with wonder and great peace,


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