From the Small Heart to the Big Heart

23 Apr 2020 3:08 PM | Guest (Administrator)

The message below was sent to the MasterDK admin office by Stan, a student who lives in Europe. In it he shares his experiences with COVID-19 both before and after attending the Live Zoom Q&A  Teleconference held on 4 April 2020 also called the 'Pandemic of Fear' teaching.

"This Poem i wrote in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The painting of The “Virus” made by a friend of mine. He was a bit anxious but i convinced him to paint it like this. It is some kind of an Image of the mindset I felt in the beginning of this Fear Pandemic.
After the Group- Session of Yesterday (for me the first one to experience live), i experienced a great realization. It was a great difference to be in a live session then afterwards hearing the recording. It was a very deep healing and a huge step from the small heart to the big Heart. I hope you can share this with Kathlyn and tell  her my heartfelt Gratitude for being a part of this spiritual Community.

Thank you all,

Thank you Stan for sharing your very serendipitous experiences with the spiritual community across the planet!

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