Time To Call Upon Our Old Friend Lord Ganesh Once Again

17 Aug 2020 9:23 PM | Kathlyn Kingdon (Administrator)

Dear Friends,

Below is a link for a special message I recorded today.  It is time for us to once again supplicate Lord Ganapati’s intervention in the massive wildfires that are devouring much of western Colorado.  The smoke generated by multiple fires has us all experiencing burning eyes, lungs, and throats, and spiritual help is truly needed.  Some fire department officials are saying these fires will not be contained until snow comes later in the year.  Other sources say partial containment will come before that, but not until well into the month of October.  Conditions are utterly surreal, with dense smoke making the mountains invisible that surround our little towns. 

Thanks in advance for your committed service to Earth and all beings who are suffering from such remarkable demonstrations of Nature’s power unleashed and uncontrolled.  May all who have lost homes and suffered the scorching of their land be comforted in their loss.  May all the creatures, both wild and tame, be granted peace, rest, and physical comfort from the terrifying wildfires they now flee.  May a gentle rain of blessing fall upon parched land, fields of ash, burned flesh, and all tormented beings in their flight for life.  So be it!

Please join me in another mantra drive to touch the heart and tap the power of Lord Ganapati. 

Thank you,

To listen to Kathlyn's message click here

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  • 22 Aug 2020 1:12 PM | Deleted user
    Just a heartfelt note to say:
    Thank you

    I don’t know how many of you have begun doing the Ganesh mantra, but I want to thank you immensely. Within 24 hours of our sending out the request for mantra service, the two smaller fires just west of Glenwood Springs were extinguished.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    What’s more, we actually had a short rain shower of about 15 minutes yesterday afternoon, and it allowed for little patches of blue sky to be peek through the dense clouds of smoke. While the smoke has returned today, it was so precious to be able to open windows last night and cool the house.

    The two larger fires are still aggressively active. The Pine Gulch fire has spread across 195 square miles, and has been upgraded from the 4th largest fire in Colorado history to its 2nd largest fire. The Grizzly Creek fire continues its voracious path, having consumed the vegetation on 30,000 acres of steep, rugged mountain terrain. Projections are that I-70, the main highway artery in and out of Glenwood Springs, will not be open for several months, hampering not only auto traffic, but deliveries of food and staples, as well. Please continue invoking Lord Ganapati’s intervention in the course of these devastating fires.

    We are officially in wildfire season, with fires dotting the southwestern states. I learned today that there are now over 360 wildfires now burning in California, and over 100 fires in B.C. Canada. All this raises the a new level of intensity for western North America. Please continue entreating Lord Ganesh to intervene for the sake of the planet and her inhabitants. May the fires be quenched and the skies cleared, so that fresh air may again grace our planet.
    Thank you for once again taking up your malas in service to Earth and all who call this planet home. Let us invoke the cooling sweetness of rain and the absence of driving winds!

    Blessings of goodness to you all, and gratitude to Ganapati!


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