The Western US is Burning

13 Sep 2020 9:45 AM | Kathlyn Kingdon (Administrator)

We humbly invoke the aid of Lord Ganapati

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There are currently some 100 major wildfires raging through a dozen Western states, and the human death toll nears 30 people, with almost as many missing.  The skies of California, Oregon, and Washington have turned eerily orange and brown as firefighters work to snuff out the flames.  Every day the devastation to land, wildlife and people increases, as prophesies originally thought would be fulfilled in the 2050s or 2060s are happening right now.  Yet, here in the western US, fire season is only just beginning.

It now appears that parts of Earth are undergoing some kind of initiation by fire.  While the coming springtime may bring initiation by water to other areas, it does seem clear that a huge cleansing is in process on our precious planet.  As bodhisattvas in training, we are surely all touched deeply by the mammoth loss so many sentient beings are experiencing and the devastating grief that will surely follow.  In Oregon, fast-moving fires heading toward each other are threatening to merge into mega-fires, as the state prepares for what it is calling a “mass fatality event.”

I urge us all to redouble our efforts in drawing the stream of Divine Essence we know as Lord Ganesh ever more powerfully into the spreading inferno.  As Master so emphatically notes, we will see a peaceful world when we can project a peaceful world.  I believe this is also true for changing the course of the expanding inferno with which Earth is now confronted.  We must use our cumulative power of creative projection, whereby we project images of the western states being lush and green, as they are during springtime.  It is not that we deny what is taking place so much as we replace it with mental images of another reality.  In this way, our meditations become tantra, and as we inwardly create a new reality for areas undergoing initiation by fire, we humbly invoke the aid of Lord Ganapati.
May the field of Light we know as Him, bring cool temperatures and a rain of grace that quenches even mega-fires, and returns life to Earth’s precious soil once again.  As we visualize blackened ground giving way to the green of new life, may we experience a resurrection, both inwardly and outwardly.  May our good intentions and bold visualizations represent the two wings of a Phoenix arising from flames and ashes. 

Humbled by the overwhelming power of the initiatory process, I wish you all peace.


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