Prayers & Focused Intention Request for India

25 Apr 2021 2:51 PM | Kathlyn Kingdon (Administrator)

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As our brothers and sisters in India now contend with the worst episode of the pandemic to date, please bring your most earnest spiritual intentions to bless and heal the entire nation. For days, now, new case diagnoses have been running in excess of 300,000 per day, with Yesterday’s count near 315,000 new cases. While the U.S. still holds the record for total number of cases per nation (to date: 32,244,617), India is now seeing half of all the new cases occurring in the world!

As oxygen supplies continue to dwindle rapidly, hospitals are without sufficient beds and utterly overrun by people seeking treatment. The overall vaccination rate is still comparatively low in India, and sadly, crematoriums are overloaded and running round the clock to dispose of an unprecedented number of dead bodies daily. While I will not go into all the horrifying details, you can read about by clicking here:

May we, together, generate a field of compassion vaster than the Covid variant’s expanding influence, and may it completely encompass India. Let us join our hearts and intentions, and thereby raise a powerful invocation to Lord Ganapati, as we visualize perfectly his immediate intervention and continued intercession in this crisis. From India, may waves of His grace spread out to encompass the entire world so that the effects of the pandemic may be contained and ultimately dissolved. So be it!

Blessings of comfort and divine grace,


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