Homage to the Lord in the Fire

27 Aug 2020 11:44 AM | Kathlyn Kingdon (Administrator)

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I am immensely grateful for the divine intervention that graced Colorado in the course of the wildfires that raged out of control.  The past week has been nothing short of miraculous.  I am also immensely grateful to all who have rallied in this powerful mantra drive supplicating Lord Ganapati’s aid.  We are indeed fortunate to witness the power of His abundantly flowing grace!

Within 24 hours of the request going out to Master’s spiritual community, the two smaller fires were completely extinguished.  Within 48 hours, the Pine Gulch fire, then the second largest wildfire in Colorado history, jumped from 7% contained to 19% contained.  Within 72 hours, it was nearing 40% containment, and this evening, while the fire continues to burn from the Western slope to the Continental Divide, it is now just under 50% contained.  Currently, it is only 2,000 acres away from being the largest fire in the state’s history, and has destroyed 136,000 acres of mountain wilderness.

The Grizzly Creek fire, burning just east of Glenwood Springs reached 61% containment as of Wednesday morning.  That level of containment was not believed to be possible for several weeks, and the turn of events has surprised everyone.  Interstate Highway 70 has been opened, although caution is urged due to small fires popping up and the threat of massive rockslides.  So far, over 32,000 acres have been destroyed, which is about 50 square miles.  Although the fire appeared to surround the remote and beautiful Hanging Lake, when the smoke cleared, the forest service noted “the Hanging Lake miracle.”  To everyone’s surprise and delight, the trails and infrastructure appear to have been spared damage, although no one seems to be able to explain how this could be.  Below is a photo of this iconic high altitude lake.

Because there are wildfires raging all across the southwest region of the U.S., let’s redouble our mantra efforts, giving particular attention to California, where hundreds of fires continue to burn.  Two intense rolling thunderstorms brought down thousands of lightning strikes, and ignited over 600 fires.  In your visualizations, please see Lord Ganapati spraying oceans of etheric water over the entire Southwest, particularly California.  Hold supreme compassion for the terrible suffering being experienced by people and wildlife, and visualize the etheric water being rained down turning into rainbow light when it hits the many inferno sites.

By the power of our pure intentions and the grace of Lord Ganesh, may the wildfires raging on planet Earth be utterly quenched.  May the land be cooled, and all beings that suffer be comforted in their fright and despair.  So be it!

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  • 27 Aug 2020 3:36 PM | Marisela
    Thank you from New Mexico as well. The Medio Fire, just north of Santa Fe, has been burning for a week. It's still only 20% contained but some rain yesterday slowed down the rate of growth. The heavy smoke had obscured the mountains all around us. Today, there was a glimmer of blue sky. Thank you, Lord Ganesha. Thank you all.
  • 2 Sep 2020 12:07 PM | Anonymous
    The total Mantras reported as of September 2, 2020 is

    Thank you
    • 10 Sep 2020 3:10 PM | Anonymous
      Total Mantras reported as of noon September 10, 2020

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