Reciting Mantras to Lord Ganapati to Alleviate the of Suffering of Others

14 May 2021 1:42 PM | Guest

49,464  ~ Total Mantras recited as of 29 May

Dear Friends,

Next week, I get my second COVID shot. I’m one of the lucky ones because I live in the west. I even had the choice to get a vaccine or not. Amazingly, with all of the people dying around the world from COVID, there are some who debate the existence of the pandemic declaring it a hoax or even questioning the need for masks, vaccine or social distancing, altogether.

In India, they do not have the choice to get a vaccine or not, because there is very little available. If you get COVID-19, it’s very unlikely you’ll get any medical help with resources, doctors, nurses and hospitals stretched well beyond the limit. So, thousands are infected and die daily. With so many deaths, they’re running out of trees for the funeral fires and bodies are even seen floating down the rivers.

We’ve all heard about the unfolding disaster overtaking India and now her neighbors are being pulled into this vortex. So how can we help in the face of this overwhelming disaster? A few weeks ago, Kathlyn requested in VFF’s blog that we reinstate our efforts to invoke the intervention of Lord Ganapati (Ganesh) to help mitigate this crisis through his grace and healing and help remove the barriers that are preventing this pandemic from abating.

As a spiritual aspirant, I feel that it is my responsibility to devote myself to the alleviation of suffering of all others, where I can. As an aspirant, you too have the power and opportunity to help change this dire situation not only in India but in other parts of the world, also affected. By reciting mantras to Lord Ganapati, we can help change the vibration of this virulent energy from one of scourge to one of healing. Each week, please report your mala count to VFF and together we can help move our planet beyond this period of chaos and into a time of health, peace, and prosperity for all beings on this beautiful Earth.

In devotion and gratitude, may you be well,

Catherine Williams

To listen to Kathlyn recite the mantra click here.

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