Master’s Perpetuity Project Gift to Students 2022

21 Nov 2022 7:39 PM | Anonymous

Hello Everyone,

I want to begin by expressing my profound gratitude for the donations VFF has received in support of the Perpetuity Project. As you all surely know, VFF could simply not operate without the generous support of our spiritual community. While we exist for you, we also depend upon you. Thus, we share a remarkable, symbiotic relationship that I trust is beneficial for all participants.

Because this is a time of giving, Master tapped my shoulder the other morning in my meditation and said He wanted to give a gift to all of you. He came up with an idea that is a bit like the Advent Calendars many us received as children in the month of December. Each day has a special treat concealed behind a little cardboard door, and every passing day the child opens the door for that day. Often, behind the little doors are pieces of candy, which the child partakes of as she or he awaits Christmas. A few days ago, I received a message from a dear friend of many years announcing that her chocolate advent calendar showed it was only three days until Christmas! I guess that lets us know what she has been up to.

Click here to play an audio file of Master’s message about His December gift. I hope you enjoy both His message and His gift to all of us.

Sending blessings for very special holidays this year,


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