Master’s “Commit to Sit” Challenge

1 Mar 2020 4:56 PM | Kathlyn Kingdon (Administrator)

Master never fails to amaze me (possibly you, too) with the timeliness of His assignments and, yes, “spiritual challenges.” In His recent new teaching, A Brave New Reality, Master addresses the astrological influences now affecting Earth. His comments, coupled with the utterly chaotic nature of unfolding events in the world, revealed the wisdom – utter genius, really – of His “Commit to Sit” challenge. He is showing us how to protect our precious minds in chaotic times when it can be tempting for them to be consumed with worldly events, political stresses, and fear for the future.

What I find so moving and poignant about Master’s “Meditation for a New Age,” is that by doing it early each morning, my mindset is anchored precisely as it should be for beginning a new day. By doing it each night before going to bed, my mind is calmed and I am reminded of what is truly important. Besides that, I simply sleep better. As Master notes in the recent teaching, the gift He gives us each time we do the meditation is a taste of enlightened mind. Dare we pass up this remarkable opportunity to find enlightened mind in the midst of all the chaotic influences, and energetic storms that confront our precious minds on a moment-to-moment basis? I think not!

I hope all of you are taking fresh inspiration from these little sacred moments we offer to Master, and by which He graces us with the “purified thoughts” that generate “kind words and caring actions.” This blog is being opened at His request as a means for us to share our experiences with this incredibly beautiful meditation. I hope you will respond below with your comments about, and insights into, the articles written by Master’s students that will be published in this blog. If you would like to submit a blog article, please send an article to for sharing.

Also, be sure to invite others to join in this spiritual challenge. If you have done this meditation, you can appreciate that it is set in a manner that does not appear to be channeled from an Ascended Master. At the time, I simply turned on the recorder, and Master spoke to us as if He was still in human form. I can imagine one of His teachers giving a similar meditation to Him in one of His physical incarnations. Perhaps it was given to Master as a young monk by a realized Being Who humbled Himself, taking on the innocence of an aspiring novice. Or, perhaps Master is simply putting in very down-to-Earth terminology the remarkable nature of enlightened mind. Either way, I am utterly grateful that He shared this with us, so that we may know how the mind of enlightenment moves as it compassionately embraces the human condition.

If you have not as yet downloaded this meditation, you can do so free of charge from the website as “Our Gift to You.” If you have not as yet taken up Master’s Commit to Sit challenge (doing “Meditation for a New Age” for 90 days) please join those of us who have been doing this meditation since the first of the year. You will surely realize a positive outlook and a sense of purpose to your spiritual practice.

May you be filled with wonder and great peace,



  • 1 Mar 2020 4:57 PM | Jeremy F
    Super excited to participate in the challenge ahead!
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  • 1 Mar 2020 9:21 PM | Tobias Mehler
    Thank you, Kathlyn and Master DK, for this clear focus in recorded form.

    I’m smiling at my own ego-dance as I reflect on the guidance regarding the Meditation for a New Age (to paraphrase): “simply stay awake and listen to the words, as the ’work’ of realization has already been done for you.” Interestingly enough, the staying awake piece—my only share of the work here—has been somewhat tricky. It seems to me this meditation triggers my monkey mind more than usual; perhaps this is a sign of the spiritual light being offered in this simple format. Fortunately, I have found that sitting with the medication does leave me with an increased sense of presence, which leads me to believe there is a fair amount of positive result being cultivated “under the hood” as it were. With this sense of multidimensional activity, I will continue on with the aim of staying focused for the entire 18 minute journey.

    Here’s to getting a “full run” without mind distractions! Onward and upward as they say ;)
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    • 7 Mar 2020 1:40 PM | Gilles
      Thank you very much for all your comments, dear Ones.

      I have been enjoying Master's meditation for a few weeks now and appreciate the hope Master showers us with. It is critical to envision a positive outcome, knowing the shape and sounds of the tormented world we live in.

      A note to Tobias:

      Do you realize you used the word "medication"?

      ... that sitting with the 'medication' does leave me with an increased sense of presence...

      And perhaps, that's what this meditation is. A nectar to cure the ills of the world. Once and for all.

      Love & much Light
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  • 2 Mar 2020 2:34 AM | Eugene R
    So far my participation has been inconstant. Sometimes the meditation takes me and I flow with it and it creates a sense of presence to borrow the phrase from Tobias, but on other occasions I have found myself very distracted or that the music gets on my nerves. On 2 or 3 occasions I've interrupted. However knowing it comes from Master adds to my commitment to continuing with it. Thank you.
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  • 2 Mar 2020 12:41 PM | Carolyn Lamar
    Thank you Master Djwahl Kuhl for the most beautiful, heartwarming, loving meditation. Words are so powerful and seeds if watered with lovingkindness give birth to beauty and joy for all.
    Somehow I missed before knowing about the 90 day challenge. So happy and grateful to be reminded of it. Thank you for everyone who has been doing this meditation💕
    I listened last night to the meditation and loved it. I slept so peacefully and soundly. This morning I really listened to the words. They are so beautiful, true, loving and beautiful and a beacon of light for the new age. A challenge is really an opportunity to expand and love more fully. Happy to join with all of you in experiencing this twice daily💕💕Love, Peace, Happiness and Joy to all💕💕💕
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  • 2 Mar 2020 3:29 PM | Ehren Rebmann
    This was my first time listening to this loving meditation. (Our computer 'died' a couple of weeks ago and just got fixed) There is so much in this, I found myself wanting to pause over and over to deepen the reception and visualize what was said. This will definitely take a number of listenings to 'get' more completely. I find myself now smiling inside at the beauty of Master's words. Blessings to all!
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  • 3 Mar 2020 8:45 AM | Carolyn Lamar
    Yesterday I listened to Teaching of the month from 2012 and a talk from Rays of Light. In both was mention of God as Divine Mother. I heard in listening in meditation this morning and last night Divine Mother speaking and the love of a loving Mother for her children who sees only their goodness and beauty and full potential💕💕
    Love and Light,
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  • 3 Mar 2020 6:50 PM | Swami Chidrupananda
    Respected Master and Kathlyn
    The Meditation for New Age has been going on since 1st January. Only one evening I missed it, beyond my time management.
    This Meditation has connected me well to Mother earth and to the Humanity. To me, during the day time interactions, the Master's words of showing compassion, kindness, patience in listening to others etc. has been flashing from behind.

    I feel we are all getting well connected to Humanity and this Meditation helped me to see the Humanity as one Unit.

    Yes, simply stay awake and listening to the words are enough. However occasionally mind slips into drowsiness or sleep. This is rare.

    I pray to Master to complete the rest of the days without any obstacles.

    My love and respects and Salutations to our dear Master.
    Regards to Kathlyn

    Hari Om
    Swami Chidrupananda
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  • 8 Mar 2020 9:40 PM | Carolyn Lamar
    There is a beautiful full moon out tonight. I have been listening to the meditation twice a day. My dreams are changing. I am really listening to the words and feel they are poetry to my heart and Soul. I shared it with two friends that study with St. Germaine and the I AM teachings. They were very open to wanting to hear it. I want to share it with others and sometimes feel a fear of rejection. Why? it is so great. I picked up a CD randomly out of a pile of cds to listen to on the way to the beach Saturday. It happened to be a CD called Loving The Divine by Master. It talked in one part about fear of rejection being a projection of the mind. It also at the end has a lovely meditation exercise and hearing God as the sound of AH. I got to the beach house where my 3 year oldgranddaughter was and she was watching the movie Frozen 2. And they were singing the word AH. Ok that was interesting. The movie is about a sound AH that is heard and Elsa follows it in nature. I highly recommend listening to this CD Loving the Divine and then watching Frozen 2. It is amazing.
    Love and Light💕
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    • 9 Mar 2020 12:05 PM | Ron Minson
      Flowing with the Meditation for A New age has smoothed the rough edges of the ego like a stone tumbling in a stream of consciousnesses. When I bump up against an obstacle, I more easily stay in a state of deeper appreciation of our differences with respect for all and a preference for none.
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    • 11 Mar 2020 10:46 AM | E.G.
      I can relate to your experience with hearing a message in one of Master's teachings and then experiencing something very similar in 'real' life. To me, it certainly validates the importance of the concept of seeding the human consciousness with ideas for the new age.
      Is human life simply, a search for the Divine?
      Thanks for recommending Master's teaching Loving the Divine and Frozen 2.
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      • 11 Mar 2020 6:13 PM | Carolyn Lamar
        Thank you. I am on my fourth time listening to Loving the Divine. Now I got a new insight how my granddaughter wants to watch Frozen 2 all the time. Please if you listen to CD and watch Frozen 2 can I talk with you. I think she loves the singing of AH.
        Listening to Gift meditation. I am surprised how I am dreaming much more each night and new dreams.
        Love and Blessings
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  • 9 Mar 2020 12:07 PM | Ron Minson
    Ron Minson
    Flowing with the Meditation for A New age has smoothed the rough edges of the ego like a stone tumbling in a stream of consciousnesses. When I bump up against an obstacle, I more easily stay in a state of deeper appreciation of our differences with respect for all and a preference for none.
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