Master on Novel Coronavirus

13 Mar 2020 2:59 PM | Kathlyn Kingdon (Administrator)

Since so many of you have inquired of Master for information on the new coronavirus that is making its way around the world, so-called, “COVID-19,” I have excerpted a segment from the recent Q & A session Master held for VFF’s Perpetuity Partners wherein He talked about this virus. Of course, knowing Master, you will not be surprised that He was able to speak even to the spiritual evolution of viruses! Click here to hear the excerpt.

This is a shortened version of His message, since we are limited to about 11 minutes for technical reasons. The main parts cut are Master’s chanting of the two mantras He recommended. One is for healing the planet, and the other is for personal healing, or staying healthy. After the video-conference, Swami Chidrupananda researched both mantras and found Youtube recordings of each. A cosmic embrace of gratitude to Swami for his kind thoughtfulness!

The first, a mantra to the Celestial Healer, Dhanvantari, can be found when you Click Here. Use this mantra for bringing healing to the entire planet. Chant it reverently and with fervid concentration.

Click Here for the second recording, which is a beautiful, and truly calming Sikh mantra for healing. Use it for maintaining health, vitality, and a pure energy field, as well as potentiating one’s connection with the Divine Essence that is, and has brought forth, the Cosmos. I think you will all find this mantra to be an uplifting musical prayer that fosters entrance into a state of receptive healing as one goes to sleep. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I am.

At a practical level, beyond washing one’s hands numerous times per day and taking large doses of vitamin C, Master also recommends the use of a neti pot for cleansing one’s nasal passages. As you will learn from this teaching, it is most important to refrain the ego mind from projecting fearful thoughts and emotions, since both make one more susceptible to the virus.

May we ever dwell in Master’s field of wisdom and grace,



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