Master's "Commit to Sit" Challenge #4

20 Mar 2020 5:39 PM | Guest (Administrator)

A Daily Spiritual Practice

 Once again Master is offering guidance around the importance of having a daily spiritual practice. His current focus draws aspirants from around the world to join in group spiritual practice based on the Meditation for a New Age, which can be downloaded free from the website by clicking here.  Participating with a group of meditators is valuable because it connects one’s individual spiritual practice to a vaster field of consciousness. 

This guided meditation is full of words and phrases that fuel the mystery and make me continue to wonder how Master keeps coming up with all these teachings that inspire the development of human consciousness
There was a time when I marveled at how Master could continuously offer meaningful teachings year after year.  I often wondered: How does He do this?  It was a mystery my mind sought to unravel.  One answer seemed to be related to having access to ancient wisdom teachings.  What He is offering is rooted in truth passed down through the ages.

Just as Earth’s beauty and sunshine excite the senses with their beauty and mystery, the messages coming through Master’s words also sooth and embrace my mind and calm the chaos of the emotional realms.

One feeling of consistency I can count on from my reflections around Djwhal Khul’s teachings is peaceful moments. Over the years, I have noticed different teachings each seem to generate a similar inner state of calmness. This ongoing contact with Master’s teachings has provided my inner mind with a vocabulary of phrases to recite that help me focus.  They all seem to evoke echoes of both ancient wisdom and guidance for the survival and evolution of living beings going forward.

One moment the mind seems to be caught up in a noisy, rush hour traffic intersection. Then very suddenly a phrase arises that is clearly one I have heard previously from Master. Seemingly, out of nowhere, some part of my mind is reciting “Om Mani Padme Hum;” “May you be happy;” “Doesn’t this seem real?” – to name a few.  Since starting the “Commit to Sit” Meditation for a New Age, daily spiritual practice there are new phrases sprouting up among the others. 
Meditation for a New Age is filled with seed thoughts, thoughtfully scattered to root, grow and blossom in the time/space of human consciousness during the Age of Aquarius and bring limitless joy to all of creation.  Are there any phrases from the meditation that have a special impact for you?  Please share your experiences in the comments area below this article, which is on the Vajra Flame Website Blog page.

May WE create well this new age.


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  • 20 Mar 2020 10:15 PM | Tobias
    "In all things, and in all ways, may the Angels of our Better Nature rule in the age that now dawns."

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